Wooden Rock has various advertising methods for social media.  With 3 different approaches to commercials, various digital ads and creative posts on your social media pages, Wooden Rock will generate the engagement rate you’re looking for.

The 3 different methods for commercials area as follows:

The Modular Approach

The Modular Approach is your best value,  as it allows Wooden Rock to create a large number of high-quality commercials per year at an affordable cost to you.  We film sections of your business or set of products and then combine them in various ways to create your ad campaign.  You can choose from our various packages or we can discuss a custom package that will fit your advertising budget.

A Story-Driven Approach

Here at Wooden Rock Media Group, we believe that having a great story can really attract more customers to your brand, providing you with that incredible engagement that is needed in today’s world.  Wooden Rock can design a story for your ad campaign that spreads into several commercials, keeping the attention of your customers and driving them into your business.  We can create any theme you would like, and set it up for success using your social media accounts.

A Collaborative Effort

Sometimes, you might have an idea you want to have turned into a commercial, or maybe you just received a new product that you would like to showcase in your weekly or bi-weekly ad campaign.  Our Collaboration Approach is the best way to create this type of ad in a short amount of time.

The Collaboration Approach is only available to our retainer packaged clients.  This approach allows both the client and Wooden Rock to create the best custom ad campaign, and together we can combine our media with your newly shot footage.  You’ll be able to upload the footage to our servers and then we can go over your requirements for the ad campaign.

Digital Ads, the Social Media Way

There can be a time when commercials are not the best route, whether it’s because of your budget, the particular social media network you are advertising on, or a number of other variables, digital ads will be the go to.  It is here where we will create a custom campaign that will push engagement all from an ad that your customers will see while scrolling on their network.  We can custom tailor these ads with graphics, animation, and text to match your brand and your business style.  

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